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Beyond the beach: Bulgaria’s hidden treasures

by Kate Eshelby, MAY 8, 2016,The Observer


The Bulgarian property market in 2008 & 2009

Stara Planina Properties featured on


FT Report - house and home

by Kerin Hope and Theodor Troev, AUGUST 4, 2007, Financial Times

Sit in a café on one of Veliko Tarnovo's terraces, jutting out from a green hillside like tiers of theatre seats, and you understand why Tsar Peter II decided to put Bulgaria's capital here. Beyond the Yantra river, curling around the base of one of the biggest fortresses in the Balkans, lies fertile farmland and the thickly wooded foothills of the Stara Planina mountains - a barrier that would have stopped any medieval warlord in his tracks.


The luxury of Bulgaria' s rahatluk

Matthew Brunwasser, MONDAY, APRIL 3, 2006, International Herald Tribune

VELIKO TURNOVO, Bulgaria Other than some bars and real estate of- fices with signs in English, there are few visual clues that Veliko Turnovo has be- come one of most popular places in Bulgaria to buy a second home, especially for the British.


Rural Research by Scott Huggins

Homes Overseas, October 2005, Bulgaria Expert Advice

After being put off for years thanks to a fluffy television character, Scott Huggins was finally bowled over by the charm of Bulgaria and the investment opportunities the country offers.


NEXT STOP: SOFIA; An Ancient City That Wears Its H

By GREGORY DICUM, APRIL 30, 2006, The New York Times

THE storm had just broken, taking with it the August mugginess. I looked up from the balcony of my hotel across the dampened city of Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. Directly in front of me, the golden domes of the huge Aleksandr Nevsky Cathedral were set against the dark sky. Twin rainbows arced above them as though the sky itself were part of the building's design. Sofia is that kind of place.


You Could Buy a Home in Bulgaria for ?5,000. But A

Sebastian O'Kelly, The Mail on Sunday, May 29, 2005

Billed as property's new big thing, this Eastern European hotspot has undoubted appeal but UK buyers are snappingup deals on the internet, sight unseen.


Bulgaria: Coming in From the Cold, Slowly

By Denny Lee, January 22, 2006,The New York Times

Hidden throughout this big and fertile land in remote gorges and on craggy hilltops are dozens of astonishingly intact painted monasteries that are centuries old. They offer visitors a rare chance to see Europe as it once was - before the euro, before World War II, before electricity.


The rise and rise of Bulgarian property

Matthew Brunwasser, THURSDAY, MARCH 23, 2006, International Herald Tribune

SOFIA Anyone who has bought property in Bulgaria will tell you that the prices are so low, it is impossible to lose. Prices will continue to rise. The only uncertainty is by how much. And how long.


Low cost of the high life

Daily Telegraph, 01/11/2004

Mountain homes in Bulgaria are fast finding friends, says Andrew Eames


Golden opportunities on the Black Sea

Chris Partridge, The Guardian, July 20, 2003

Home and Away

Judith Larner and Patrick Collinson, The Guardian, April 12, 2003

New kids on the Eastern Bloc

Andrew Eames, Daily Telegraph, January 11, 2003

Passport to Bulgaria

The Times, February 26, 2003
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