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May 2011, 20/05/2011

Dear Valued Readers,

This month we publish brief information about the most popular villages in the area around Veliko Turnovo as well as local news from Bulgaria.

Veliko Turnovo Region - Villages Attracting the Interest of House Buyers

Since the start of the foreign interest in Bulgarian property Veliko Turnovo region has always been one of buyers' favourite destinations. It has a lot to offer in terms of landscapes, comparatively good infrastructure, both tranquility and easy access from/to Sofia, Black Sea coast, and reasonable prices. The city has the character, culture and history as well as the buzz of a university town.

The area south from Veliko Turnovo is hilly, the villages are smaller compared to the ones to the north. The most attractive villages to the south are concentrated about 15-20 km south-east from Veliko Turnovo as well as to the south-west around the town of Dryanovo in a radius of about 15 km. Kapinovo, Mindya, Tserova Koria, Merdanya, Dragizhevo, Pchelishte, and Prisovo fall in the first group. Some typical offers in the area are these house in Kapinovo and house in Mindya in need of renovation, this ready discounted house for 36,000 euros. There are beautiful houses such as this restored house with character and this huge fully furnished property.

Slightly to the west there is a small grouping of villages around the town of Dryanovo attracting the buyers with fantastic south-facing views over the Stara Planina Mountains. Ganchovets, Gostilitsa, Slaveykovo, Yantra, Skalsko are in this group but there are the small hamlets too which are hard to find on the maps. Despite their size many of them have good access and, expectedly, offer untouched nature just outside the village boundaries. There are some charming old houses with sound structure and preserved original features needing renovation. South of Veliko Turnovo buyers can buy a property which is done up for about 50,000 euros but have to be prepared to pay up to 80,000-90,000 euros for houses with character and better location. We offer in the area this traditional house in need of renovation, this 3-bed house offering unbeatable views with over an acre land plot, a ready to move in house for just 47,000 euros in a nice village near Dryanovo. Here is also this excellent house combining tradition and style.

The countryside to the north of Veliko Turnovo is not so hilly but has good access and excellent deals if you are not set on mountain views. Villages to the north are bigger and more populated. People there often keep small farms within their property breeding live stock and growing vegetables. Samovodene (which is almost a suburb of the city), Ressen and Hotnitsa are the closest and most popular villages. A bit further are Nikup, Stefan Stambolovo, Dimcha, etc and the bigger Radanovo and Polsky Senovets. There are many other settlements some of which have been improved in the recent years such as Lesichery and others that look neglected such as Duskot. North of Veliko Turnovo buyers are typically paying about 40,000 euros for a 2-bed property which has been done up.

Examples of properties in the area are these houses in Hotnitsa - one in need of renovation and a renovated one for 28,000 euro. This house in Mihaltsi is priced just under 10,000 euros which makes it excellent value for money. There are also this Polski Senovets house and the 5-bed Dimcha property.

Property prices have changed in the last two years to reflect the downturn in the economy and demand. Currently most people who are looking to buy in the area around Veliko Turnovo focus on houses which they intend to use for permanent living or, less often, as holiday homes. It would be no surprise in the current economic environment that the price is the most influential factor when one chooses a property. However buyers should not forget that the location is an important property feature. With this in mind, Veliko Turnovo region will continue to be a favourite place with few destinations compeeting with its attractions and, at the end of the day, with the value for money properties here offer.

Property prices decrease by 2.3% in the first quarter of 2011 whilst economy is seeing signs of recovery According to the National Statistics Institute prices of residential property in Bulgaria have dropped by 2.3% in the first quarter of 2011 compared to the last quarter of 2010. 5.6% is the decrease in comparison with the first quarter of 2010. Prices decreased in 23 out of 28 regional cities with Shoumen, Blagoevgrad and Vratsa witnessing the biggest decline. Prices of residential property fell by 10.1% on average in the year 2010.

At the same time the World Bank published a report, cited by the Sofia Echo, according to which the economic activity in the EU countries that joined the union in the 2004 and 2007 has reached the pre-crisis levels. It is expected that the recovery will accelerate in 2011 and 2012 with some differences among the countries. The growth is strenghtened by the restocking, expansion of industry, and rebound in consumption, the report said. The business cycles and close trade and production links with the 'old' EU countries also helped the recovery. Bulgaria and Romania where the crisis hit later than elsewhere are set to see the biggest improvements in growth in 2011.

Cycle To Work Day on 20th May

This Friday, 20th May is celebrated in many cities around the world as Cycle to Work Day. The event is organised by the Bike Revolution and Sofia municipality and Event Sofia will be supporting it. Apart from the traditional rally in the city centre the participants will try to brake a record by gathering as many bicycles as they can within 16 car park places. Thus they will demonstrate one way of optimising the city environment.

Let's hope that such events will sooner prompt the municipalities to think of improving the cycling infrastructure to make it possible for people to use their bicycles instead of their cars regularly and safely.

Jamiroquai To Play at Elevation Festival in Razlog

A new open air music festival is being organised in Razlog on 24 and 25 of June 2011. The festival is named Elevation and this year will stage a number of foreign electronic, rap and hip hop groups such as Jamiroquai, Cypress Hill, Thirty Seconds To Mars, Dog Eat Dog, Delinquent Habits, Gentleman & the Evolution, and Cyanna. The Bulgarian performers include Ostava, Tri O Five, Monyx & Jeremy, Odd Crew and other. Organizers will provide discounted buses from many bigger cities to Razlog. Tickets, transport, camping and more can be found on the festival's website.

Car Boot Sale at Camping Veliko Turnovo 

Buyers and sellers are welcome at car boot sale at Camping Veliko Tarnovo on Sunday, 22nd of May. The campsite is located at 70 Vasil Levski Street, in the village of Dragizhevo, 10 km from Veliko Turnovo. The car boot sale is organised once a month attracting a lot of interest from both British and Bulgarians from the area. Together with the Car Boot there is a BBQ at 10 am. The sale opens usually at 9 am. There are a few stalls selling English food products such as Fray Bentos pies, Branston Pickle, Jammie Dodgers & Orange Marmalade at a good price as well as many other items such as books, clothes and households.
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