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We will be happy to recommend insurance companies and to organise your insurance. There are many insurance companies and most of them offer similar policies. The real test of a company is how they deal with clients when there is a claim to be made. We work only with companies that have a proven track record in dealing with our clients.

You would have one insurance policy for the building and separate policy to cover the contents of your property in Bulgaria. The building insurance covers risks such as fire, flooding, earthquake, vandalism, etc. and the content insurance covers theft in addition to the above. It is necessary to present the deeds of the property and list of the items to be included in the insurance. The building insurance would also cover fixings in the property such as kitchen and bathroom equipment, etc.

The contents insurance only covers movable property which is included in a list with serial numbers or identified by other means. Computers, TVs, stereo, DVDs can be included and personal belongings such as clothes for example are not covered.

Expensive items such as jewellery can be insured but they have to be valued first (the client pays for the valuation) and the insurer may have specific requirements for how they are stored and secured.

Apart from the property and contents insurance many other insurance products are available through the local insurance companies especially for those who reside in Bulgaria. We are happy to suggest insures for life and health cover as well as pension fund products.

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