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Seller's Guide

This guide aims at helping sellers of property in Bulgaria to make decisions and organise the sale of their property in Bulgaria, as well as give initial information about the estate agents Stara Planina Properties and the services we offer to property sellers.

About Stara Planina Properties

Stara Planina Properties was the first British-owned and managed company of its kind in Bulgaria. The two founders of the company first came to Bulgaria in 1998 as advisors to an EU-funded renovation and restoration project entitled Beautiful Bulgaria. It was through this technical experience and their deep attachment to the country that the idea of the company evolved. Find out more in the About Us section. Our company offers a constant flow of buyers, looking for various properties: rural, town, holiday in many country locations. We will offer your property to serious buyers.

Selling Your Property

When you take the decision to sell your property in Bulgaria it would be good if you treat the process as a business venture. You will be offering a product at the real estate property market and you have to take care to offer it in the best possible way. If you choose Stara Planina Properties for the sale of your property in Bulgaria we will help you throughout the entire process.

Once we know about your decision to sell a property in Bulgaria we will contact you in order to visit the property at your convenience. During this initial visit we will discuss with you the conditions of the sale and the steps you need to undertake. Our consultants will give you their professional opinion on how much your property is worth.

Documents for a property in Bulgaria

We will ask you to show us the documents of your property in order to be sure that you are the owners, to take from the papers the precise details of your property in Bulgaria, and to advise you what further documents you need to obtain.

Setting the Price of Your Property in Bulgaria

As an owner of a property in Bulgaria you will be the one who will decide what price to offer your property for. However it is important that this price is in line with the current market situation and that it is competitive with prices of similar properties. Please have in mind that many of the property websites are full of overpriced properties which have been on the market for very long time and no one has shown any interest in them. It is more important to compare the price of your property to the prices at which properties are actually being sold at that time. Furthermore the price of each property is a function of a number of factors – location and size, use and functions, condition, surrounding area, infrastructure, amenities close to the property. Our consultants who have long years of experience and extensive knowledge of the Bulgarian property market will consider all these factors and will advice you about its market value. It would be good if you think over their valuation when setting up the price for your property in Bulgaria so that the property is neither overpriced nor undervalued.

Access for Viewings

It is important to think how the viewings of your property will be done. Most probably you are not available all the time to open and show the property. If so you can leave a key with us or with a neighbour or friend, who would be able to open the property when you are not there. We will give you the longest possible notice for the viewings, but sometimes the buyers decide that they would like to view a property in the last minute. If we cannot show your property this will be a lost opportunity for you.

Preparation of a Property for Viewings by Potential Buyers

It is important to prepare your property for viewings. This applies both to properties that are not inhabited and that are lived in currently.

Your first task is to tidy up the apartment, house, garden. The cleanness is the first condition for a property to feel cozy. Buyers prefer properties which look clean and spacious. Thus they can picture how the property would be arranged in accordance with their needs, to picture their furniture there and themselves as inhabitants.

It is best to put away your personal belongings. Clean up the kitchen and bathroom. These are the places in a home which impress people most.

Pull the blinds and curtains to let light in. If the viewings are in the evenings make sure that every room is well lit. Light rooms look more spacious and buyers are able to see all that interests them.

It will be even better if you fix all small problems such as replacing broken glass or tile, mending the shower, etc. These repairs do not require much time or money but, if left unfixed, give the impression of lack of maintenance and ultimately reduce the value of your property.

Bad smells and pets may put potential buyers away. Make sure to air the house or flat before the viewings. Do not smoke in the premises – cigarette smell is equally unpleasant to smokers and nonsmokers. Keep your pets away from the buyers.

Offering the Property for Sale

Once we contact you and make pictures of your property we will publish information about it on our website as well as on local and international property portals where we advertise. We will also offer your property to all clients with whom we are in contact and to whose requirements it is suitable. We will give them the most detailed information and, if they show serious interest, we will organize for them to view your property in Bulgaria.

During the Viewings

The owners know their property best. However they are not always the best to present it because they tend to put more emotions than necessary. Let our consultant show the property. He/she will answer the buyers' queries and will ask you for further details if needed.

Completing the Sale

When a client decides to buy your property we will negotiate on all aspects of the sale, including price, timescale, terms of payment, handover of property, etc. 

We will assist you in obtaining up-to-date documents for the sale. The main documents you will need are deeds, property plan, tax valuation, document for debts on the property. If you require we are able to obtain these for you. Depending on the circumstances you may need other documents for ownership for which we will advise you.

How Can We Help with The Sale of Your Property?

We will actively work for the sell of your property. We will value the property free of charge, will advertise it intensively, and will organize the viewings for interested clients. When we find a client who is willing to buy your property we will negotiate the terms of the sale, will assist you with preparation of the needed documents and will process the sale. Then we will help the buyers to declare the change of the ownership and to transfer the bills to their name so that you have no problems after the sale. During the whole process we will put in professionalism, knowledge and experience, so that it is efficient and involve the least time and efforts for you.
If you have any queries contact us and we will reply. Our internet site is Thank you for choosing Stara Planina Properties.
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